What Senator Ed Markey Doesn’t Understand


Senator Ed Markey of MA Opposed¬†DSUVIA According to a recent USA Today article, Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts “urged the FDA not to approve Dsuvia last month, saying “an opioid that is a thousand times more powerful than morphine is a thousand times more likely to be abused, and a thousand times more likely to…

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Beyond Midterms


What’s Next? Midterms are behind us. You may be pleased or displeased with the results. Either way, the newly elected, and the reelected, senators and members of congress will now determine healthcare policy. They will take office in January. In the meantime, do your homework. When you’re worried that your doctor might be pressured to…

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Get Out to Vote

I Voted - Voting Day

Vote to Change Healthcare Policies Mid-term elections are approaching. If you have the ability to vote, then this is a chance to help determine the direction of our healthcare policies. There are many issues important to each of us. To people who follow my blog, the most important healthcare issues have to do with how…

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