Honoring Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Those statistics are difficult to read anytime, but they seem especially troubling as the United States commemorates Memorial Day. This is the time for us to acknowledge that those who have served our country deserve the best medical care available.

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How to Know If You Are Addicted


This article, in a slightly edited form, first appeared in Consumer Health Digest on May 15, 2019.   Everyone has heard the phrase “opioid addiction,” but few understand what that really means. Journalists, patients, and even many doctors believe they know what addiction is, but they are often wrong. This leads many people to be diagnosed…

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Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

sleep medication

Black box warnings may be alarming. However, they are not meant to scare you into panicking and discontinuing medication that you need. Their primary purpose is to inform prescribers and patients about dangers they may pose.

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