Whitney Houston and Drug Overdose-Related Deaths

February 13, 2012 10:44 am Dr. Webster 2 Comments (Edit)

I don’t know if we will hear that Whitney’s death is a drug-related death, but based upon her troubled past, it is a possibility.  I am not a big music buff or a celebrity follower, but I am touched by the humanity of the tragedy and the sadness within the greatness of people like her.  I am saddened that she must have felt alone, isolated, and in despair.

It isn’t that she was talented that made her death so impactful for me, but that she gave so much to others through her gift of music and yet must have struggled for a meaningful life.  My patients have similar lives.  They exist but don’t live.  They seek to be alive but hit walls and are isolated.  They want to be heard but there is silence.   If our hearts and minds were more open we could do more healing and, just possibly, save more lives.
Lynn Webster, MD

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