Will Cancer and Pain Melt Away?

will pain melt away

Alec Ross, author of a book called Industries of the Future, writes that, in 20 years, cancer may be curable. We might just be able to “melt it away.”

Frequently, I compare pain to cancer. Believe it or not, pain is far more complex than cancer.

Cancer usually starts from a single DNA mutation. On the other hand, pain may involve multiple mutations that can influence each other and evolve depending on environmental factors.

Cancer involves a physiological process that has been disturbed. Pain involves multiple disturbed processes including cognition, emotions, social interactions, memories and physical stimulus. Genetic mutations that affect the expression and function of each of these areas can affect the dynamic experience of pain.

I believe our understanding of pain and its treatment is between 60 and 70 years behind cancer research. There are as many types of pain with multiple mechanisms involved in the expression of the different types of pain as there are multiple mechanisms that produce a different type of cancer.

Alec Ross eloquently explains the required nuanced therapeutic approach to produce a remission of Lukas Wartman’s cancer and most cancers. In 10-20 years, there may be the beginning of similar types of treatments for some types of pain.

There may be a day when pain may melt away, just as cancer will hopefully melt away. I pray that I will be alive when this occurs. I want that for everyone.

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