Will New Opioids Restrictions Reduce Overdoses?

Politicians and some government officials tell us that the new CDC opioid guidelines will reduce deaths due to overdoses. But, based on the evidence we’ve seen so far, that is unlikely.

The latest CDC report shows a continual increase in opioid-related overdose deaths despite about a 25% decrease in the number of opioids prescribed.  This data demonstrates that an absolute reduction in opioid prescribing hasn’t resulted in the intended outcome–so far, at least. It may be counter-intuitive, but I think you’ll understand why in a moment.


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  1. Robin Pattee on May 26, 2016 at 9:36 am

    I Have degenerative disc disease and suffered for the last couple of years with chronic nerve pain down my left leg and right leg. i also suffered from herniated disc issues a couple of times. I tried injections and they did not work. The only pain medicine i was getting from pain management was hydrocodone 5/500 here in Arizona until i suffered from the herniated discs then they increased my pain med to Percocet. I was then sent to a Orthopedic spinal surgeon and my X-rays showed bone on bone with no disc to the lumbar L4-5-S-1. I had a fusion 2 level and 4 screws. I feel a little better and less nerve pain then what I was suffering from. I was on opioids for at least a year for this chronic pain until we could find the problem causing the pain. I don’t feel this is fair of the CDC to do this and make physicians afraid to medicate their patients longer than 3 months, sometimes it takes longer to diagnose the problem causing the severe pain. Patients should be screened for a history of abuse or over dose/suicide. Patients that have no history of abuse or over dosing on opioids should not feel like criminals!!

    I fear for my mother who has the same issues I have but worse. My mother waited to long to have surgery, so after her fusion she waited a year with severe nerve pain and the nerve pain never went away. 4 years later she had a tumor on her spine that was removed along with the metal from the fusion, she still suffers with severe nerve pain and can only do short tasks at a time. I am a nurse and I know the pain she suffers causes her stress which is not good for her heart. my mom is 66 years old and should not have to worry weather her Doctor will be afraid to treat her severe chronic nerve pain and back pain/fibromyalgia. Patients like this deserve a good quality of life and have their pain controlled.

  2. Kenneth McKenna on June 23, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Some folks committ suicide to make a statement. They may tell themselves,
    ” I can’t live like this, I have no life, no hope “. I’d rather be dead. I’ll show them, and, sadly some do. Out of frustration and anger. But unless someone leaves a detailed note or explanation, the CDC & powers that be, will interpret
    their death, to fit their neatly into their statistics & agendas.Others get mentality,physically, and spiritually bankrupt. These folks have been depressed a long time, and, have likely made a few failed attempts, or, made peace within their descicion making process in regards to suicide.
    The reasons why this big war on opioids and chronic pain started almost seem insignificant now. Many deaths are being reported but accurate statistics do not exist. The death toll & suicide rate, will rise, as a DIRECT RESULT of the CDC guidelines. In Some suicides people will overdose intentionally on their opioid meds. Of course the CDC will twist that to fit the agenda. There is no one answer or no one easy answer. I do feel it would be appropriate to have the right group of people come up with ,
    ” The Chronic Pain Patient’s Bill Of Rights “. All the finger pointing, name calling & , false accusations have to stop to move forward. Not everybody’s wrong, not everybody’s right. In the midst of every war theirs collateral damage. Some gets fixed, some gets ignored. Let’s hope & pray the folks involved with chronic pain don’t end up accepted collateral damage by our government.

  3. Pat Gullon on August 25, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    I am going through the same problems. My CT shows multi leels of dgenerative disc disease
    along wih disc bulging , arterolisthesis, , spinal canal narrowing causing nerve pain and seeing
    multiple doctors who agree I need pain management since I am not a candidate for
    any injections won’t give me anything for pain control. Plus, I can’t get into pain management
    for months and they don’t care.It is ruining my life. Why get up everyday just to go through
    this suffering. As a senior, what do they expect–a normal body of a 20 year old. Do they think
    I like living like this and being treated disrespectful. I bet they would not like to see their family
    member going through this pain. But, I bet these people find ways to make exceptions if their
    loved ones had chronic pain

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