Open Letter to Prince’s Supporters and Devoted Fans

Fans and Supporters Saddened by Loss of Prince

When the news broke about the death of Prince, and reporters began to link his death to a possible opioid addiction, I empathized with his fan base and supporters who were deeply saddened by the loss. All the facts weren’t in — they’re still not — but I could already see the outline of a grim story beginning to unfold. And I felt empathy for the man who was the focal point of that story.

Prince was a musical icon, and he was inseparable from 1980s pop culture. He was part of our environment and, for many, he seemed to be part of our intimate community. We had been able to connect with him through his musical performances, his philanthropy, his faith, the way he inspired us, or some combination of all those things.

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The Painful Truth


  1. Fred Turner M D on June 12, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Dr Webster

    I am an orthopedic surgeon who did spinal procedures. I extended my practice into pain management because some of my pts did not want surgery and some surgical pts continued to have pain. In July 2015 I was arrested for trumped up charges of practicing outside the legitimate scope of medicine. They seized everything. They did not find a million dollars nor did they find and meds. They did not give my pts their charts in a timely fashion this many patients suffered because they could not relocate without them. The DEA badgered pts who went to get their charts calling them addicts and threatening arrests. They violated their 4 amendment rights, they violated their HIPAA rights. They accessed the PDMP illegally and the DMV data base illegally. I would like to come to your rally in Tampa on June 20. And I would like my patients to come too. Please let me know the time and place. I do hope I can meet you.

    Fred Turner M D

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