Beyond Midterms


What’s Next? Midterms are behind us. You may be pleased or displeased with the results. Either way, the newly elected, and the reelected, senators and members of congress will now determine healthcare policy. They will take office in January. In the meantime, do your homework. When you’re worried that your doctor might be pressured to…

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Soulmates Unselfishly Connect What is a soulmate? Recently, a United States representative was accused of sexually harassing one of his female staffers after sending her a letter stating he believed they were “soulmates.” Apparently, she did not agree. Many of us understand that soulmates are individuals with a deep connection toward each other. Words alone…

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The Good News Hiding Inside a Hurricane

A Hurricane Hits Hard Hurricane Harvey has brought despair and heartache. The devastation will be with us for years to come. Whether we are in Texas or in other parts of the world, we feel the intense pain that the storm has brought. With continual wars and conflict throughout the world, it sometimes is hard…

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