The Good News Hiding Inside a Hurricane

A Hurricane Hits Hard

Hurricane Harvey has brought despair and heartache. The devastation will be with us for years to come. Whether we are in Texas or in other parts of the world, we feel the intense pain that the storm has brought.

With continual wars and conflict throughout the world, it sometimes is hard to imagine that good can percolate through colossal adversity. But it does. There always seem to be people who are extending their hands or opening their arms to those who need help. Fortunately, there are many people among us who are wired to do so.

Hope Within a Hurricane

Two recent news stories exemplify this instinct to offer kindness.

The first is about the Houston Gallery Furniture store owner, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. Jim and his employees have turned his high-end furniture stores and warehouse into shelters for displaced families including adults, children, and pets. Community members keep coming to bring donations of clothes, food, and other supplies. Here’s a video you should see.

Elsewhere in Houston, employees at the El Bolillo Bakery have made 5,000 pieces of bread since the day before Harvey hit. Their space wasn’t flooded, so they have turned their good luck into food for hundreds of people who are without. They have even donated milk and eggs to another bakery that ran out of supplies.

Helping Hands Reach Out

Although it doesn’t change the horror that Houston is experiencing, it does help to know that there is fundamental decency, generosity, and compassion at work. The human race can be pretty awesome, and we should be grateful for that.

In the immortal words of Anne Frank: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.”

Those are wise words. There is wonderfulness in our world, despite everything. That is the good news hiding inside a hurricane.


Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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