Will Congress Make Football Safer?

football cte

Looking Forward to the Start of Football Season It seems as if summer has barely begun. Yet the Fourth of July holiday is already behind us, and many people already are looking forward to the start of football season. Boston’s CBS affiliate recently ran a story titled, “Tom Brady ‘As Excited As Ever’ For Patriots…

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Man Trapped in a Billboard

man in a bottle

It’s understandable that an advertising agency would have trouble accurately conveying the problems of drug dependence and addiction when the media, too, often has difficulty communicating the facts.

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Teaching Children to Cope with Pain

child in pain

It’s important to help children master their response to pain in age-appropriate ways. Children who have the emotional and cognitive ability to understand and determine their response to an injury generally suffer less. This is self-efficacy, and it allows the child to feel in control.

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