6 Biggest Training Mistakes Women Make

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Women train and exercise with the specific aim which is not limited to weight loss and maintaining a toned and healthy body. Just like men, you can always do different exercises. You can choose the one that fit you and your interest. However, you should know the specific guidelines that you need to follow if you want to reach the goals.

Some women are not aware of the form of exercise whether they are doing it right or not. If you are not seeing the results you want to achieve even after a few weeks of exercising and allotting time to your workout, Chances are you are making some mistakes. Here is a list of the biggest training mistakes women make:

Wrong Training Modularity for Specific Goals

Before you exercise, you must first ask yourself about your specific goal. Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to trim your belly fats? Do you want to strengthen your legs? By asking these questions, you will have a clearer view of what you want to achieve.

Knowing your specific goal when you exercise is vital for you to decide the right training modularity. In simple terms, this is your way of knowing the right exercise you will do. You cannot just stick to a generic warm-up exercise; you need to have a specific plan. Included here are the most effective workouts that will help you achieve your specific goal.


Not following Proper Schedule

Making your exercise regular is one of the most important keys that will lead you to a positive result. There are different effects if you will not set a specific schedule to follow for your exercise. If you keep on skipping the set schedule, you will soon lose your dedication to what you are doing. This will then lead you to a worse scenario where you will soon lose your will to go on with the exercise because you will feel like not effective.

Even in your busy schedule, you need to set a specific time during the day for training. You can start in the morning before you go to work or you can also have it once the day’s activities are done. Choose the best time for your training and you will be achieving your goal.

Avoiding Heavy Lifting

There are myths about heavy lifting among women and you should not believe these. This is one reason your workout routine is not effective. Heavy lifting has different benefits for women. It can help you burn more calories and build muscles. It can also be effective in reducing back pain and in improving your posture. This is something Medicare experts can also prove that.

Weight lifting is safe for women. If you are not confident about heavy lifting alone, you can always ask the guidance of a gym instructor. This way, you will be guided on how to do it until you are already confident enough to do it by yourself.

Not Having Proper Rest After Exercise

It is important for you to rest after exercise. This is one rule that you should never forget. Most women do not understand the role of cooling down after a tiring workout. It is something that is critical especially for women. The body does not have unlimited energy.

After a tiring day at the gym, you should rest and let your body cool down before doing other activities. You can also take this time to rejuvenate yourself with hydrating food and drinks.

Cardio Overdrive

Some women believe that for them to lose weight, they need to have more cardio exercise. This is a mistake that you need to avoid. There must be a limited time for cardio exercise to make way for other exercises. You can allow 30 minutes for this and go on with high-intensity exercises.

You will surely need cardio exercise. However, you should not be focusing on it to the point that there is no more time and energy for the next part of the workout session.

Expecting Results Earlier

Most women get disappointed when they do not see the immediate result. This is one of the mistakes that will surely make you lose motivation to exercise. You should keep in mind that you will not achieve a healthy and toned body overnight. It takes time, effort and regular exercise.

By knowing the different things that most women do wrong when exercising, it will be easier to do it in a way that will be beneficial to you. Avoid the different mistakes enumerated above and try to seek for the help of an expert if you are a beginner. This way, it will be easier for you to start and move forward.


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