Teaching Children to Cope with Pain

child in pain

It’s important to help children master their response to pain in age-appropriate ways. Children who have the emotional and cognitive ability to understand and determine their response to an injury generally suffer less. This is self-efficacy, and it allows the child to feel in control.

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Is Postpartum Pain Control a Crap Shoot?


I worried that the hospital’s choice to lessen the amount of drugs prescribed, rather than focusing on patients’ clinical needs, might mean my daughter’s need for pain control would be unmet. The idea of my daughter enduring inadequately treated pain haunted me, as it would any father, but as a pain specialist, it may have troubled me even more.

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Virtual Reality Therapy for People in Chronic Pain

Woman looking through virtual reality headset

Virtual Reality Beyond the Holodeck If you’re a fan of television’s “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” then you’ve seen virtual reality (VR) at work in the episodes that featured the holodeck. In the series, the holodeck was used mostly to entertain the Starfleet crew. While the holodeck is still science fiction, a goggles-based form of…

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An Epiphany

  Myra Christopher is the PAINS Director and someone I’m proud to call a friend. She has given me permission to re-post her blog, An Epiphany, here. It was first published at PainsProject.org.  This morning I was a guest on Central Standard, a program which airs on the local Kansas City NPR station.  The program’s focus…

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