When Is Healthcare Noble?

when is healthcare noble

What is it about certain medical conditions that results in unprecedented concern, a willingness to muster all resources, and an outpouring of  selflessness from practitioners and the public alike? Why are healthcare professionals willing to risk their lives for coronavirus patients, but not their reputations to treat chronic pain?

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Do Opioids Impact Life Expectancy?

Meet Rachel and Lorna Meet Rachel * and Lorna. They are very different women, but they have one thing in common: they both used opioids. One morning, Rachel maneuvered her maroon Civic into a parking place at a local breakfast joint to buy opioids from her dealer. Accompanied by her two-year-old daughter and her brother,…

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The Merry-Go-Round of Chronic Pain

As if it’s not enough that some people have chronic pain, we know that these people also don’t live as long. There is new evidence that persistent pain affects the function of the same cells that fights AIDS, lymphomas, and other diseases associated with an impaired immune system. It is hard to know how much…

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