Science Doesn’t Prove Anything!

Science Isn't Perfect

The Immutable Truth You may think of science as factual or the immutable truth. Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion are accepted as true, but they aren’t proven. No scientific facts ever have been proven, and they never will be. Science is based on measurements or tools that can be informative and provide useful data.…

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Creating Positive Change for Babies, One Word at a Time

I’ve been critical of the media’s language in describing aspects of the opioid crisis. To solve the opioid crisis, we have to understand it and use terms that are factual but without spin. I believe the media could be a force in motivating people — the public as well as lawmakers — to take constructive…

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How Media Fuels the Opioid Crisis

Data reporting by the media about the opioid crisis can be confusing, but when it is repeatedly reported inaccurately, it creates a perception of truth. Misinformation by the media can lead the public to demand quick fixes that won’t solve the problem and can make things even worse. Inaccurate Media Reporting  Here’s an example of…

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