Honoring Our Veterans on Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Those statistics are difficult to read anytime, but they seem especially troubling as the United States commemorates Memorial Day. This is the time for us to acknowledge that those who have served our country deserve the best medical care available.

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The Science of Connection: How It Helps People in Pain

Connection Can Make People Feel Better Hugs and friendship … the combination of that connection can make people feel better. Science has proven it, and that’s the type of news I want to share. First, a disclaimer. I don’t mean to trivialize pain or turn the discussion into a Shirley Temple film. I have dedicated…

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Strengthening Pain with Pride

In 2001, Jason Bing watched the 9/11 devastation unfold on a television in his college dorm. Fired with patriotism, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was assigned to one of the toughest training sessions offered. The goal of basic training at his camp was to push recruits to their limits while instilling the fundamental…

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