The Age of Pain Management: From Cryo Chambers to Yoga

Pain Management: From Cryo Chambers to Yoga

This is an article by Nancy Eugenie. I offer it with the author’s permission for informational purposes. The author and I have no financial involvement. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY THE AUTHOR ARE HER OWN AND DO NOT REPRESENT MY VIEW OR MEDICAL ADVICE. Coping With Pain One of the most difficult things about living with…

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Are Alternative Pain Treatments Effective for You?

Alternative Pain Treatments Most doctors want to help people in pain. Ideally, the care would be provided in such a way that there would be little or no risk to our patients. If we could wave a magic wand (or don an enchanted stethoscope), we would be happy to replace opioids with alternative, non-pharmacologic treatments.…

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Yoga Can Treat Chronic Pain

Yoga can be helpful for people with chronic pain, just as it can be immensely helpful for people who are dealing with trauma. Chronic pain patients often suffer from trauma as well. Chronic pain is processed differently by the brain than acute pain. Chronic pain, as opposed to acute pain, recruits areas of the brain…

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