Dr. Lynn Webster on Marijuana for Pain Management

Get involved in the discussion about using marijuana as pain medication. Here is my latest opinion piece on this topic, published the Morrow County Sentinel in Ohio: http://morrowcountysentinel.com/opinion/6387/is-marijuana-the-holy-grail-for-pain-medication.

Leave us your comments on this topic as we continue to evaluate and advocate for both alternative and traditional treatments for chronic pain.


  1. JC Mitchell on March 29, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    I was in total Shock when leaving a 2nd pain clinic(?). After my Feb 2013 stroke and not knowing this big Wave of fatigue at 830pm was a stroke i made a huge mistake & waited 36 hrs to see my GP. I was paralyzed in a huge way on my right side from the shoulder to the foot. The pain didnt start for 2mo ..as the paralysis slowly lifted the big time pain started. I should have been put in the hospital by the GP but was instead on my own to go for brain scans and mri. Once the pain started i was given 20mg a day(hydro) .. and a few mo. later 25mg as getting out of bed was such a terrible experience. The meds took about 90min to help and begged for more morning help but was told no no no. This would not have been the case last century as it was all about patient quality of life.. today it is grin & bear it. Eventually i ended up at my first pain clinic and they kept yelling at me asking ‘Why are u here?’ They got me on 30mg a day but after talking to retired docs who advised they would had me on 40mg a day i advised the PC and they just didnt want to hear it. That pain clinic closed because it was owned by a chiropracter(Tn law). Then to pain clinic #2 and they turned me away totally when i told the truth and advised i smoked pot 2 days prior. No poison drugs , just weed. But before i was turned away they advised they would put me on 2 long acting meds + a 10mg tab. I told them this is what i needed from day one. Then was told since i told the truth about smoking weed the very CRUEL laws took over. I feel like i am not in the USA. Then the insurance info came in about HIGH prices they charged and have said no and just put up with this pain for 3 darn years now…1.5 without normal pain meds that helped me get going every day. Now i am lucky to be out of the house at noon or not at all. We should celebrate we have these meds, yet demonized by what seems a cruel politically correct atmosphere. Govt needs OUT of the medical business since all meds hit docs PC’s. It is time to get back to patient care and quality of life. Docs have the tools Now so lets stop mandating folks to nasty pain clinics.

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