This is the Reason Karl Marx Was Wrong, According to 90% of Americans

This is the Reason Karl Marx Was Wrong, According to 90% of Americans

Karl Marx called religion the “opium of the people.” He meant that religion creates an illusory happiness that prevents people from seeking real happiness, which he believed would come through communism.

Marx underestimated the continuing role that spirituality plays in human well-being.

Americans Pray For Healing

One CNN report claims that 90% of Americans pray for healing when they are sick or injured. That number is surprising because previous reports suggested that about 50% of the population uses spirituality to connect the mind, body, and soul. If in fact 90% of the population uses religious beliefs or spirituality to heal, that’s more than the reported percentage of the population who claim to be religious.

This report probably does not mean that people are always using institutional religions when they pray for healing. Rather, many of them are most likely tapping into their faith in a higher power, or their belief that there is some spiritual reality that can make a difference.

Association Between Religion, Depression and Anxiety

In fact, there is evidence of an association between religion and positive effects on depression and anxiety. People who are religious are more likely to have better psychological health and coping strategies and live longer.[1] Scientists have used MRIs to show enhanced emotional well-being in people who are spiritual.[2]

Faith as an Alternative Therapy

In short, faith may be one of the most powerful alternative therapies we have. It appears to help many people, even those who are not religious in the traditional sense.

Health insurers can’t complain about the cost of using prayer to heal. Neither can patients or their loved ones. Prayer is free.

Nor should there ever be a problem finding a qualified practitioner to teach patients how to use prayer to heal. Everyone is qualified to pray for healing, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. It takes no special equipment and you don’t have to make an appointment or travel to a clinic to begin the process.

You just do it.


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