Color Hurts

colors affect how we perceive pain

This article, in a slightly edited form, first appeared on Pain News Network on  October 26, 2019.   It is a myth that the matador’s red muleta incites rage in the bull and causes him to charge; the truth is, all cattle are colorblind. The bull does not charge because of the color, but because of…

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Children, Pain, and Rorschach Images

child crying

This article, in a slightly edited form, first appeared on Pain News Network on October 5, 2019. How a Child Responds to Pain No one saw it happen. My three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter was in the basement by herself when she broke her arm. My guess is that she was jumping on the couch or standing on…

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A Daughter’s Pain and Healing

Healing from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

This is an article by Reggie W. Greening. I offer it with the author’s permission for informational purposes. The author and I have no financial involvement. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY THE AUTHOR ARE HIS OWN AND DO NOT REPRESENT MY VIEW OR MEDICAL ADVICE. Some people with pain have benefited from alternative therapies. In my…

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Beyond Midterms


What’s Next? Midterms are behind us. You may be pleased or displeased with the results. Either way, the newly elected, and the reelected, senators and members of congress will now determine healthcare policy. They will take office in January. In the meantime, do your homework. When you’re worried that your doctor might be pressured to…

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